Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bacon Silk (joke)

At Christmas, my family was here and my grandson saw a silk on the stretcher.  I had just painted a background that, to me, looked like a sunset.  He saw a very large piece of bacon.  After he said that that is all I could see too.  So I added some quills, the alphabet, and finally a dark red on top with salt.
It now can be worn with my new red jacket.  11x60" Sold.

Matching Red Jacket

For Christmas, Tauni gave me this dressy dark red, metallic jacket.  I decided I would like a silk to go with it.  The dark red was a real challenge, but I think this silk is complementary.  I tried to keep it simple (for me).  11x 60"  NFS at this time.

Purple, Red, Blues & Gold Butterfly

I was using up some of my thickened dyes, but could not leave it alone, so added two gold resist butterflies.  11 x 60" $100.00

Triangle flowers

The order was:  Blues and Flowers.  I barely had time to take a photo before this one was sold.
11 x 60" I will make another one similar.