Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Peanut, Butter, & Jelly (Fish)

A 'J' storybook illustration using watercolor pencils.  5 x 7"  Peanut (Seahorse), Butter (Seahorse) and Jelly (Fish) are on a Sandwich Board.  This is from my class with Renee Jorgenson at The Summit, International Calligraphy Conference in Colorado Springs, July, 2012.  Awesome class.  NFS

Paste Paper Style Coral Reef

8 x 72"  Photos do not show the true beauty of this silk.  This was done in the paste paper style with no resist and the corals have depth and details.  No resist except for the signature.  SOLD

Paste Paper Sunset with Evergreens

8 x 72"  Paste Paper style painting with thickened dyes.  No resist except for my signature.  This silk is very pretty and fun to wear.  You can tie the ends together with tiny knots and make an infinity scarf.

Paste Paper Fun

12 x 60"  The title says it all.  This was a fun paste paper style silk.  Sold.

Another Wild Paste Paper

8 x 72"  I learned a lesson here.  One cannot put the resist on top of the thickened dyes.  If you do, after steaming, it just falls off like spaghetti.  The resist was applied after steaming, then it stayed put.  Sold.

Flowers in Triangles

12 x 60"  This painting just grew and sold itself in about a week.  The interesting challenge I had with this silk is that the dye kept drying too fast before I got all the way around each triangle.  I had to finally wet the area with water first to avoid a 'dry' line.

Hummingbird & Feathers

12 x 60" Hummingbirds at each end with feathers in the middle.  This silk really zings. SOLD

Paste Paper Scape

One of my first paste paper style silks.  It has spots of gold resist.  Sold.

Blue, Purple, Magenta Tangles

8 x 72" Tangles.  I just love creating these abstract silks.  They are just so pretty.  They go with lots of outfits too.  $90.00

Paste Dragon from Class

My silk teacher is trying to get my to loosen up.  This was an assignment in class.  I used thickened dyes to draw the dragon and fill her in.  After steaming the dragon, I added some gold resist to lighten up the dark lines.  She is a nice dragon!  12 x 60" SOLD

Simple landscape with Quotes

8 x 72"   Paste paper style  landscape.  The quotes are about nature.  Sorry, the photos don't show the subtle writing at each color change. SOLD

Fall Colored Curly Cues

Rich colors, a touch of gold resist, mostly done with thickened dyes in the paste paper style.  See the detail on some of the 'tails'.  8 x 72"  SOLD

Fire Colored Paste Paper Style

Another in my series of paste paper style scarves.  This one is so pretty.  No resist on this except for my signature. 12 x 60"  SOLD  I am making another one.

Blue, Purple, Yellow Paste Paper Style

August, 2013. 8 x 72"  I am experimenting with painting on silk with thickened dyes in the paste paper style.  I have hundreds of paste paper paintings on paper (Arches Text Wove) which I use in my calligraphy projects; i.e. books, backgrounds, cards, etc.  Now I will show several silks in the same genre.  $40.00

Tropical Forest Silk

This is a 8 x 72" silk with a Tropical Forest/flower theme.  I made the picture areas bordered by a purple band of lettering.  This is a very intense silk--I love it.  $120.00