Friday, December 28, 2012

Go, Ladybugs, Go!

This is the last silk I painted before the big move to the Denver area.  In the photo it is not steamed yet.  I was using up the dyes I thought I couldn't move and just made a spotty pattern for the background.  That looked really unprofessional, so I washed it out, unsteamed.  Lots of the dye stayed in the silk, so it was time to get creative.  I started adding ladybugs, and here it is.  12 x 60"  Sold

Flowers in the Dark

This was painted as I was packing up to move to the Denver area.  I was trying to use up the dyes that were in the little containers that I thought would not move.  (They did, and not one spill.)  Anyway, I like the other silk I did with the dark background and just took off with that idea.  It is a fun silk.
12 x 60"  Sold

More Silk Tangles

The tangle world of abstract doodling is just magic with silks.  I do have writing as the border.  The words are always meaningful and philosophical.  The resist is silver with a dark blue border.  Doesn't this just make you want to go to your wardrobe and find something to wear with it.  12 x 60"  Sold

Conference Silk

This silk was made in Santa Fe at the SPIN conference.  The class I took was about using no resists.  I do have it framed, thus the reflections.  It is very soft and glowing.  I was very pleased with the total effect, but will use different dyes next time.  The painting is already sold.  

SW Desert long silk

This silk is in a display case at an art show.  It also won an honorable mention prize.  I was inspired by the scenery around Santa Fe where I attended my first SPIN (Silk Painters International) conference in July, 2012.  12 x 60" Sold

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Silk

This silk says Happy Birthday which is incorporated into the design.  I love writing and making it part of the total presentation.  Sold!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Love Is a Rainbow of Chaos

11"x 60" silk inspired by the FDL Visual Artist group exhibit for the play 'RENT'.  The title is written on the whole silk with the lettering creating the visual spaces for the rainbow of colors.  This is a very vivid silk scarf.  Sold

Big Butterfly

35" x 35" Quillian butterfly.  Abstract green/blue background, writing on the border, a nice touch of color to add to your wall.  Traded to a special lady.

Fire-breathing Dragons II

This is the second in the series of fire-breathing dragons.  The top photo shows the true colors, the detail pic is washed out.  Sorry!  I just love doing lots of details on my silks and the resists allow that plus I love to do lots of color blending and mixing.  No color is straight from the bottle.  That makes the silk richer.  The other silk in this series is sold as is this one.

Flowers in the Dark

July, 2012 11"x"60" fun silk.  Late one evening I started doodling and drew some basic flowers.  Then I decided that I wanted to have a dark background.  The contrast is very nice.  Sold

Georgia O'Keeffe Quotes

This is a 35" x 35" silk that was inspired by an assignment by our FdL Visual Artist Group for the Georgia O'Keeffe themed art show in July, 2012.  Written across the whole scarf are many quotes by Georgia. I wanted to have flowing colors and quotes from Georgia.  She was a unique person with her own philosophy and chose to do her art 'her' way. Sold.  I do have a calligraphy piece full of Georgia O'Keeffe quotes, though.

Abstract Sunset

This is a 35"x 35" silk.  I started with a different plan, a commission from someone, and did not match the original layout, so I threw the silk (unsteamed) into the washing machine.  I am amazed at the amount of dye that remained in the silk after the wash.  Then I began to draw the landscape with my resist and this is the end result.  It really is powerful and has a written boarder.  Sold

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Leafy Pillow

Another pillow--lots of leaves and bugs. 14 x 14" $100  A zipper is built in for easy cleaning and removal.

Yellow with Red Flower

This is an older silk and only about 24 x 24" with a quote written into the lines of the design. There is really a lot of work in this piece. Sold.  I made a $35 x 35 commission of this design.

Your Name by Quills

I discovered that I wasn't using browns very much in my silk painting, so here tis. This is a quote about how important your name is and how your name makes you who you are. I added some quills to the ends. The quote defines the spaces for different colors. Sold.

Some more of Jack's flowers

My brother, Jack, takes a hike every week in CA. Then he sends amazing photos. I print them out with his permission and use them to create silk scarves. I had a lot of fun with all these images.  Sold!

Inspired by a Gum Wrapper

Just having fun.  Sold.

Sunset Colors

Random swishes and colors. Very bright, goes with everything. I love how the colors blended. Sold.

Red, White & Black

For a show we were asked to submit art with red, black and white colors.  I took the challenge with a new 12 x 60" silk scarf. Lots of gold writing snuck into this design too. Some of the red turned more pink after steaming, but, all in all, it is a very nice scarf. Sold.

Dragonfly and Swishes

A new idea. Just put the detailed designs on the ends which will show more. The rest of the silk looks like the places the dragonflies have flown.   This silk won An Award of Excellence in the Fond du Lac Artist Association show. Sold.