Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Banana Silk

This is my first 14 x 72" silk. I painted it while it was ironed onto freezer paper. No resist at first. I made flower splotches, yellow swishes, and added purples and dark blues. When I looked at it in the morning the beautiful light yellow swishes, looked liked bananas. Oops, that would not do. So I washed the whole silk out in the sink. Then added gold resist, filled in the yellow swish areas with a darker purple, drew fantasy flowers and steamed the results. No more bananas. Sometimes the fixes make the silk all the more beautiful. haboti silk,

Think 'Hippie' Thoughts

The words on this silk say,"World peace, Sustainability, Spirituality, Transformation, Community, Organic Living, Consciousness, Expression, Compassion, Mind Expansion, Acceptance, Exploration, Appreciation, Music, Poetry, Love,  But  Act Normal." Across the middle it says, "Appreciation, Acceptance, and Flower Power", I think. 11x60, haboti, French dyes, $100.00

See the Sea Horses

I am finally posting a few new silks.  As you know I love the sea and its critters and these are fantasy sea horses. 11x60 haboti silk  $100.00