Monday, September 16, 2013

The Denver Art Museum, 9/14/13

SPUN, Silk Day at The Denver Art Museum, 9/14/13.  The Rocky Mt. SPIN members set up just outside of the D.A.M. main doors on the plaza.  The day was warm and sunny vs rainy and flooding.  I arrived at 9:15 and as soon as I set out my 2/3rd's finished silk on a frame, I had folks flocking by and asking questions.  My shift was from 10-12:00, but so many people were interested, that I just kept on talking, explaining and painting.  Some beautiful little models stopped by and posed for me with my silks.  Aren't they precious. The bottom photo is a mural set up by Jan Janus, my teacher and silk painting guru.  Folks could paint on it with natural dyes.  What a fine, fun day we had.

Silk Paint Class Info

Colorado Calligraphers' Guild Workshop
A TASTE OF SILK; Silk Painting with Jill Quillian
Have you ever touched a full brush to a fabric (silk) and watched the color flow? It is a Zen moment. Exploring the magic and challenges of silk painting will be our class goal.  Using liquid dyes from France, watercolor resists, and silk fabric as our painting surface, we will see dramatic serendipitous art appear before our eyes.  Loose calligraphic lettering or forms may be part of our designs or not?  We will paint a silk hoop, and one long scarf.  We will discuss design, resist, painting, steaming and/or dye set.
Jill Quillian has spent her working career teaching--36 years in the elementary schools, recently retired. Jill has also taught many art classes, calligraphy classes, guild workshops, and provides individual instruction in the arts in her studio.  She has taken Reggie's year long class and attended many, many conferences.
Her paste papers and other art can be seen in Diane Maurer-Mathisons's books, "The Handcrafted Letter," "The Art of Making Paste Paper," and "Handmade Cards." She is also published in "Encyclopedia of Calligraphy" by Janet Mehigan and Mary Noble.  For further information, visit this blogspot or
Class supply list:  The teacher will supply silks, dyes, dye set and resist for a material fee of $25. Please bring: apron, rubber gloves, hair dryer, paper towels, eye droppers or pipettes, stainless steel push pins or silk pins, several containers for water, favorite watercolor brush, ( I use a large #12 and smaller #6), or sumi brushes and/or foam brushes.  If you have an old, but clean foam board, foam core, 14"by14" bring it and we will use it to support small silk hoops.  We will share whatever else is needed.  I will bring extra brushes.  Bring an extension cords also If possible.
REGISTER by October 5 so I can order materials.  Send $50 (member) or $80 (non-member) to Ed Frfurth, 6721 E. Blue Jay Dr, Parker, CO 80139 or use PayPal. Material fee is $25 payable to Jill Quillian.  Questions?
Alice/303-871-8407 or Jill/920-583-4026 or 920-539-4944