Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Huge Calligraphy Project-I do more than silks!

This is a project I did in February and March.  It was for a client in Oshkosh, WI.  The writing style is 'David Jones' and is pre-Roman lettering.  David Jones drew each letter and thrived on inconsistency.  So where the same letters are different shapes or you see a slant or a curly exit, that is all David Jones.  I used gouache for the colors, Ziller Ink for the Black, Schmincke Gold for Rachel and gold leaf for the Hebrew.  The vining is hand drawn and colored with colored pencils.  The size is about 22 x 30".

Jill's Displays

I have a silk and art display at the Belmar Library, Lakewood, CO right now; May and June, 2013.  The portrait was taken by Bob Maynard Photography while we were at our Studio Walk, May 4 & 5 in Erie, CO.  There were four artists in one home; we had 60-70 visitors each day with lots of fun, sales and networking.

May the Earth Always Speak to Your Spirit

The title is written down the middle of this 8 x 72" silk.  That gave me a pattern to build into the design.  The border is a stretch alphabet.  I used leaves and colors from nature.  Sold

Butterfly Flight

Another friend suggested that I add the details to the ends of the scarf.  So I put the butterflies on the ends and then drew their flight patterns all over the silks.  The calligraphy on the margins is all about butterflies.  12 x 60"  Sold

Whimsy Woodlands

12 x 60"  This started off as a tangle drawing, but then flowers, woodsy plants and critters also snuck into the drawings.  I have this in a gallery in Boulder, Co right now for May/June 2013. Sold

Simply Color

My friend asked for a silk with no lines or drawing on it.  So I played with this one.  After steaming there was a permanent water spot on it, so I made some little hearts in that area and the silk is finished.  It is fun to wear this one.  SOLD

Another Coral Reef

As you know I love the coral reefs and the ocean.  All my ocean silks are sold, so I made another.  This is 8 x 72" and has lots of details.  There is writing in the border about the ocean.  SOLD

Rainbow colors

8 x 72" silk with small flowers in each color.  I tried sugar on this silk and tried to keep it simple.  $80.00