Monday, May 12, 2014

Tangle Fun

I had an earlier version of this complicated, detailed silk on my Jill's Quills 2014 calendar and wanted to make another because someone was excited by the design. I barely had it finished and it was sold. Wow.


I started this silk with the word Tranquillity written largely down the middle. Around the border I added some philosophy about how to achieve tranquillity and added the cartoon flowers. This silk is very springy, yet goes with any blues or purples. $80.00

Purple, Blue, Yellow Colors with Salt

Just Colors, Purples, Blues, Yellows with some salt action. $40.00 A little philosophy by Mr. Rogers is around the border.

No Resist Flower Shapes

I am just carefully adding dyes, no resists are used to contain the design, and we end up with the springy, flowery silk.  A light resist quote is around the border. $40.00


Remember when Mom made a dessert called 'Cut Glass'. It was many flavors of jello, cut into cubes, then molded into a cake shape by lemon and whipped cream, I think. Anyway, this silk makes me think of that dessert. It has no resist and is just so much fun. $50.


This is an experiment and a class story. Jan Janas was our teacher on April 22 and 23. Jan is a dynamic teacher and artist and she devised a plan to get us out of our 'comfort zone'. We started with 4 1"x1" squares(clipped from magazines) which we drew in the abstract. We chose our favorite and enlarged it to a 4"x 4" square. We shaded that, then cut it into strips and redrew our design. From there we took small sample pieces of silk and using different techniques, painted the design. The second day we took a 35"x35" silk and made the large design, modifying as we went. The top two photos are the end result and it is already SOLD.

BIG Tangles

Fun, springy colors with tangles that are larger. I love the color combinations. SOLD

Sea Dragon in Coral

Yes, another Sea Dragon. This is an experiment with a 'watery look' and the coral is made with thickened dyes and then outlined loosely with NeoOpaque (which isn't shown). $80.00