Friday, December 28, 2012

Go, Ladybugs, Go!

This is the last silk I painted before the big move to the Denver area.  In the photo it is not steamed yet.  I was using up the dyes I thought I couldn't move and just made a spotty pattern for the background.  That looked really unprofessional, so I washed it out, unsteamed.  Lots of the dye stayed in the silk, so it was time to get creative.  I started adding ladybugs, and here it is.  12 x 60"  Sold

Flowers in the Dark

This was painted as I was packing up to move to the Denver area.  I was trying to use up the dyes that were in the little containers that I thought would not move.  (They did, and not one spill.)  Anyway, I like the other silk I did with the dark background and just took off with that idea.  It is a fun silk.
12 x 60"  Sold

More Silk Tangles

The tangle world of abstract doodling is just magic with silks.  I do have writing as the border.  The words are always meaningful and philosophical.  The resist is silver with a dark blue border.  Doesn't this just make you want to go to your wardrobe and find something to wear with it.  12 x 60"  Sold

Conference Silk

This silk was made in Santa Fe at the SPIN conference.  The class I took was about using no resists.  I do have it framed, thus the reflections.  It is very soft and glowing.  I was very pleased with the total effect, but will use different dyes next time.  The painting is already sold.  

SW Desert long silk

This silk is in a display case at an art show.  It also won an honorable mention prize.  I was inspired by the scenery around Santa Fe where I attended my first SPIN (Silk Painters International) conference in July, 2012.  12 x 60" Sold