Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Banana Silk

This is my first 14 x 72" silk. I painted it while it was ironed onto freezer paper. No resist at first. I made flower splotches, yellow swishes, and added purples and dark blues. When I looked at it in the morning the beautiful light yellow swishes, looked liked bananas. Oops, that would not do. So I washed the whole silk out in the sink. Then added gold resist, filled in the yellow swish areas with a darker purple, drew fantasy flowers and steamed the results. No more bananas. Sometimes the fixes make the silk all the more beautiful. haboti silk,

Think 'Hippie' Thoughts

The words on this silk say,"World peace, Sustainability, Spirituality, Transformation, Community, Organic Living, Consciousness, Expression, Compassion, Mind Expansion, Acceptance, Exploration, Appreciation, Music, Poetry, Love,  But  Act Normal." Across the middle it says, "Appreciation, Acceptance, and Flower Power", I think. 11x60, haboti, French dyes, $100.00

See the Sea Horses

I am finally posting a few new silks.  As you know I love the sea and its critters and these are fantasy sea horses. 11x60 haboti silk  $100.00

Monday, August 31, 2015

Yellow Roses and Green Puzzle

11 x 60" Haboti silk scarves. The yellow rose silk is not for sale. I left out a word in the border. Boo hoo. (That is rare for this calligrapher). But if you like it, I could make another one. The bottom one has puzzle designs and the word friendship and friendship quotes around it. The puzzle pieces represent each friend and how they fit into my life. Thank you, friends. Both are original designs with French dyes. $100.00

Butterfly Fish and Coral

My goal in painting this 35x35" haboti silk was to use very little resist. This is a close up and the only resist is on the fish, otherwise I used slightly thickened French dyes. I hang this silk on a cafe curtain rod with the little clips. That way it moves in a breeze and seems very fluid. All original art and design. $150.00

Flame Dragon

Flame Dragon is a 35x35" haboti silk which I have framed in a large plexiglass frame, but the silk can be taken out and worn or hung freely. This guy really lights up the room, and is a friendly dragon,  despite the flames. French dyes and gold resist were used. I love this fella, but he can go to a loving home. This design is free-hand drawn and designed by Jill. $300 unframed.

More Fantasy Flowers

A new flower silk was called for.  I love looking at real flowers, but then playing with their dominate feature and making them come to life. This is haboti silk, 11 x 60", original design, painted with French dyes, and can be worn in any season. The camera put darker shadows into the photos; nothing is dark in this silk painting. $125.00