Monday, October 7, 2013

Nature Colors with ABC's

Yet again, I am playing with thickened dyes and just swishing the colors on with a sponge.  After the silk is steamed I added the lettering with a gold resist.   8 x 72" Sold.

Paste paper style Abstract

 Just fun, bright colors here.  This is done in my famous paste paper style with a sponge and thickened dyes.  It looks 3-D, but, of course, isn't.  8 x 72" SOLD

Love Bugs

Another fun silk scarf.  This silks has little love bugs in a few spots, lots of other 'spots', and in general is bright and colorful.  As usual I have lettering around the border.  8 x 72"  $l00.00

No Resist Falling Leaves

This silk has the approval of Jan Janus.  I painted it with thickened dyes, no resists, and a few ladybugs.
It is a very subtle silk for my style.  8 x 72" SOLD

The Denver Art Museum Demo Silk

This is the steamed, finished autumn silk that I made while demonstrating silk painting at the Denver Art Museum, 9/14/13.  It is 11 x 60", says, "The Leaves are falling, falling, fall. . ."  $120.00  I just love this one.