Saturday, January 10, 2015

Purple and Yellow Spots

A quick experiment. Very pretty silk.

The Bugs Feel the Shaking . . .Poem

Another silk I painted when I was taking a class and studying Irene Wellington. She combined her calligraphy with illustrations and I took this to the next level, by doing my work on a silk. This is a poem about bugs feeling the earth quake when people walk by. $125.00

Alien spaceships?

Just playing. Very colorful. These look like spaceships or amebas. 11 x 60"  $60.00

Snail Story

Taking a class with Renee Jorgensen and learning about the calligraphy of Irene Wellington, I decided to do my calligraphy and illustrations on silk. This is a little story about snails, and their slime. I put the poem into the lines of slime. 11 x 60" I am also proud of the leafy background which is accomplished with no resist. $125.00

Lunar Moth

This is just a quick little silk with two lunar moths. 12 x 60". Very pretty and lots of blues and purples. $100.00

No Resist Sea Dragon

This unusual silk is crepe de chine, and was painted with thickened dyes and no resist. I was in a class at SPIN in Santa Fe, and gave myself the challenge. The dyes were different from my usual, thus the color, BUT by using thickened dyes, and many hours of careful painting, I was able to achieve this with no resist. Diane Tuckman was in the class and gave me high praise. Thank you. $125.00

Black light Coral Reef

This silk is 35 x 35" and depicts a close up of coral with a black light on it. I painted this at the SPIN conference in Santa Fe in July. $150.00 When I tie the ends together, it makes a wonderful shawl.