Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shibori, Resist, Tinfix Experiment

This was another experiment at a Silk Retreat. First we twist-wrapped the silk on a tube and dunked it into boiling dye. That is the Shibori technique. Then I stretched the silk and looked at the fine lines left by the twist, and drew complementary resist lines. That was then painted with TinFix dyes. I overpainted the white left by the Shibori technique, too.  This is a close up of the 11 x 60" silk. It is fun and wearable. I think it would be fun on a hat! $50.00

Demo Piece for Paste Painting Technique

When I was at a Silk Retreat in Grand Junction, CO I shared how I used thickened dyes to color the silks in my paste paper technique. This one is a little wild, but you know I love color. 11 x 60"  $40.00


The word Perception is written through the middle three times. From there I built the rest of the design. Around the edges I have comments about how we perceive life. I am using a copper metallic resist. 11x60" $90.00

Two More Paste Paper Style Silks

I am using thickened dyes on 11 x 60" silks. The first one was done with Red Label Jacquard and steamed for only an hour, so I over dyed it with more Tinfix yellow and then steamed for 3 hours. It came out much prettier. $40.00 Oops, second one is Sold.