Friday, December 25, 2009

Dragons in My Rock Garden

Another source of my art is outside art. These fun dragons are based on the design from a dragon paper punch. Then the design was cut out of plywood with a saw and then I painted them with acrylics. A marine spray was added to waterproof them and now they find a home in one of my many rock gardens. P.S. The rocks gardens feature rocks/minerals from my former home in the Black Hills. They include petrified wood, rose quartz, mica quartz, feldspar, blue quartz, granite and WI limestone.

Paper Sculpture

I took a class several summers ago in Chicago with Dave Wood who is from Australia and a master of paper sculpture art pieces. This piece is now framed in a 3-D box, but that is too hard to photograph. As you may be able to see (sea), my favorite theme of the ocean lends itself once again to my art. This is a sea dragon with a verse says, "Awakening in a moment of peace, I give thanks to the source of all peace. As I set forth into the day, the sea sings with a new voice and I listen with new ears and give thanks." Anon. copyright by Jill's Quills 2008  $250.00 framed

Using My AB Sea Shellphabet

This painting features an alphabet I invented using sea shells, coral, and drift wood to represent each letter. I then made copies of the shellphabet, and cut out the letters I needed with an x-acto knife, added shading and then applied them to my paste paper painting. I then made this into a birthday cards. Super fun!

Some more examples of my work.

It is time for me to share more of my work. This is a display board I made for art shows, wedding events, etc. It shows some of my calligraphy on paste paper backgrounds. My work is very primary and bright, just like me. Many of these originals have been reproduced on calendars which I make for gifts each year.