Sunday, September 13, 2009

Vertical ABC Long Silk

When I started the ABC Patchwork silks, I actually was planning to do a 12"x 60" silk scarf which could be hung vertically in a small space, or worn as a scarf.  Therefore, this silk evolved into that style.  This one features greens, blues and warm browns; colors from nature.  This turned into a very pretty piece of art.  Soldl!

Patchwork ABC's

What fun I have had making three silks of this flavor.  My goal was to use wacky calligraphy, to make each square speak for itself, and still have a coordinated, fluid piece of art.  I also used a limited palette, thus making it cohesive, yet interesting.  I also used gold resist which makes the letters stand out all the more.  A recipient of one of these Patchwork silks says the gold is especially delightful at night when a small light is nearby.  Of course, it looks beautiful in the day light as only a colorful silk can do.  This silk is 35"X35" and is for sale.  Sold!

Close up of the parrot orchid

This close-up shows some of the detailing that is possible with silk painting.  I can mix colors, paint with dry brush, and add bold color or soft details.  I am very pleased with this silk painting.  I chose this subject from an e-mail photo.  The flower is rare and from Thailand.  It is 35" X 35" and is for sale.  I know you would just love to add this to your wall.  Soldl!

Orchids that look like birds

This silk is now sold to a good home!