Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alphabet for Life

This one is 35"x35" and is a patchwork with alphabetical words. I used gold resist and enjoyed working with a limited palette. This silk may be the one I display at the Odyssey 2010 calligraphy conference in Boston. I used lettering that is monoline and irregular. P.S. Lettering on silk is a real challenge because your hand is squeezing the resist tube and is also up in the air. There is no way to rest your hand on the stretched silk--the resist must not touch anything underneath it or it will smear. Additionally, the silk must remain flat because if slanted, the resist will run.  (This silk was the first item sold at the Calligraphy Conference in Boston!)

Filling up the Silk Rack

This weekend I spent some time filling up the silk display stand with 21 of my silks. Then I took the silks to my Cream City Calligrapher's Clinic and sold a few. I was so pleased that the stand fit into the car fully loaded and did not tip when the car had to turn or hit bumps. What do ya think?

Silk Display Rack

Ah, how do I display silks that are 12" X 60" and large silks, 35" X 35? Problem solved. I had a tool maker design this acrylic, 24" diameter, display stand. The stand holds about 36 silks, and it is easy to take the silks out to look at them, to try them on, and then to return them to the stand. I think it looks like a giant snowflake. It also fits into my Rendezvous assembled.